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Uniqueness Of Curriculum

A program that nurtures the spirit as well as the mind. Program philosophy: Kindergarten is an exciting and challenging time. Children experience new learning situations, expand social relationships, develop additional responsibilities, and meet expectations of adults outside the family. Kindergarten establishes a solid foundation that will lead to a positive educational experience for years to come. Our program creates an environment where all students work and play together peacefully with awareness and respect for themselves and each other

Learning and enjoying every minute, is going to be part of the PYRAMID SCHOOL childrens day. This is our approach towards imparting knowledge to the children ‘Learning through “Play,” “Hand on Activities ” and “Observations”.

At PYRAMID GLOBAL, we believe in ‘Learning through ‘ hands on activity ’ , where our curriculum, equipments and teaching methods focus keeping in mind a child needs to touch, explore, learn and enjoy. Toys, books, blocks and puppets, paints, games and stories, counting sticks, colours for painting, seeds for painting, sand, box for exploring out door play, circle time activities. Art, Craft, cooking fun, sorting of puzzles and story sessions with puppets. [Story sessions are an effective way of inculcating Good habits, discipline, moral values and satisfying their emotional and social needs. We believe in the true meaning of the word ‘Child Development’. All- round Development of physical, mental, emotional and social needs of a child is taken into care and blossomed to the best of their potential.

  • Our goal is to focus on applicable knowledge & to empower students with ability to transfer knowledge into action.
  • The ultimate goal is to apply school learned knowledge to real life situations and to other content areas.
  • Enhancing proper attitudes.
  • Positive approach to school and learning.
  • Scientific outlook.
  • Ready to face higher academic task.
  • A belief that everyone involved in a school system have to constantly evolve.Our system expects/demands teachers as well involved with the school to be constant learners.





“When I Do, I Learn” Themes

The curriculum is built around changing – themes (topics) Related to the child’s everyday world in the family, in The preschool, in the city or in the wider social Environment. The children will learn about the natural World of plants and animals, numbers and the alphabet and People in the context of their everyday experiences. The themes are taught through stories, in which A ’known’ character from different walks of life will Take them into the ‘unknown’ themes /topic……

“I See – I Learn – I Do – I Remember”

At our school we believe in ‘learning by doing’ and hence activities and teaching aids are selected keeping in mind a childs need to ‘touch, explore and enjoy’. A famous “chinese proverb” ‘learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere ‘ At our school we believe that our children will become “life long Learners”

“ Active Learning “ “Learning By Doing “ Is Stressed

For every topic a child does some sort of art or craft work which will then be displayed to boost his self confidence and self esteem And then he/she can take it home to show the work he does in school.

I Take It Home So I See-I Do- I Learn-I Remember- I Create

All developmental and educational skills are focused and achieved by A well structured and well planned school day, and hence parents are Satisfied. A comprehensive day to day planner and support is given to the teacher To make “teaching a joy and learning a pleasure” at our school.




What Is Taught In Our Pre-School ?

Well there are no subjects. Unlike other schools, we Concentrate on “ skill developments “,which enhances future Concrete learning. At our school we know that the subjects of a pre-school Are the following :
– Physical skills
– Social skills
– Emotional and moral skills
– Language skills
– Thinking skills

These are the skills that need to be developed and likewise These are the subject of a good preschool… Lets have a look at how these ‘skills’ help our children In their academic journey…


Language skill is enhanced by providing interesting pictorial books on or Language tables. The library too, with books with interesting pictures to inculcate reading habits, along with other activities which helps them to express freely, answer spontaneously, good vocabulary helps in language development. Social emotional skills and moral development – Activities which revolve around puppet theatre, flash cards, flannel board, dramatic play to foster social emotional and moral development. Thinking skills – our activities with puzzles, blocks beads, play doh hammering activities lacing, buttoning unbuttoning, paper work crayon, paints as well as cognitive development in a child. Physical skills – our outdoor play such as Ladder & Slide / Balancing Plank / Rope Climbing, Water Play, Sand Play, takes care of his fine motor muscles gross motor muscles, eye hand co-ordination and all round physical development.



Creche And Day Care Center

Pyramid takes great pleasure opening of its Creche and Day Care Center, for working mothers. We have worked sincerely and whole heartedly towards creating a unique and fun filled facility for your children, from 2 yrs to 10 years of age.

We are dedicated to offer specialized services in Day Care and Creche. We believe that Personal Touch, Caring and Value Orientation plays a vital role in building a child’s Personality and laying the foundation for the child to grow up to be a good, responsible human being, that is what our Day Care Center is aiming at. It is a place where leisure hours are transformed into a rich learning experience through fun and games, a place where hygiene and a well balanced diet are given utmost importance.

A child’s Emotional and Social growth is also among our main concerns and is taken care of by providing them with a friendly, cheerful and homely atmosphere.On week days the day care starts at 8.00 am and ends at 7.45pm and on Saturday till 4.00pm, in a spacious and vibrant environment, which has equipment for children to indulge in creative activities and to stimulate the child’s rapid growth. The ground floor has an open play area cum garden with a swing, children exercise gym, slides and loads of toys, books etc. The whole complex is completely safe and covered for the safety of your child.



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