Your ‘Child’s next ‘Home’

Pyramid Global School is currently based on ICSE style of curriculum with a Proposed IGCSE Board.
Established in the year 2006 with an aim to fire the imagination of children, with the goal to be recognized as an institution that produces Confident, Creative and Eager learners.
Over all these years we have gained a reputation for using Innovative Teaching Methods, for the all-round development of our children. This new concept in learning incorporates path-breaking insight into the way the brains processes information.


Pyramid Global School was conceptualized by Mrs. Kusum Jain, but it is the continuous efforts of TEAM PYRAMID constituting of the Principal, Teachers and Support Staff which has helped in reach to the current level of recognition. Each and every TEAM member enjoys the job and works hard at creating an Environment that is highly conducive for learning. Every TEAM member undergoes regular training not only in subject matters but also on counseling and psychological evaluation of the child. We firmly believe in T.E.A.M.-Together Everyone Accomplishes More- This aptly sums up what PYRAMID GLOBAL SCHOOL is all about.
It has been scientifically proven that the critical and formative years of learning are from birth to the age of five. At Pyramid Global School, it is our strong belief that all children should have the opportunity to experience learning through the joy of discovery and over a period develop a love for learning. An enquiry based, interdisciplinary programme, is taught, by caring & supportive teachers, in a warm and nurturing environment. A child spends 14 years of his life with the school and we want it to be memorable and joyful journey of LEARNING.

Our Philosophy

“ Train A child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Our philosophy is to provide a wholesome programme for children aimed at the total development of the “MIND, BODY AND EMOTION”.
To provide all students with the opportunity to acquire academic knowledge that will enable them to become valuable and productive members of the society.
We strive to nurture the child to achieve the fullest potential in a conducive environment, where he can be creative and enjoy learning through meaningful formal Hands on and fun-filled informal activities.
Our program is designed to stimulate educational development in toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, through immersion into SKILL DEVELOPMENT in all subject areas. The growing demand for global skills in business has given rise to unprecedented interest and growth in all round development and proficiency. The earlier children learn these skills, the easier and more proficient they become dual achievers in formal learning. our philosophy

Principal Desk

On Behalf of the management, teachers and myself, I extend a warm welcome to all visitors of "PYRAMID GLOBAL SCHOOL". In a very dynamic, global and competitive educational environment there is so much that is expected from a school, today ... as educationists, our responsibilities have extended beyond the classroom and the students. Besides the core responsibility of an all round education, ethical living, discipline, guidance, emotional, social and economic needs of the students, guidance for the courage to stand up for what is right and true is the new "mantra". Our visionaries, parents and staff are critical partners in the successful education of the child. The true key to our success and the students success lies in timely positive and cooperative communication between home and school
Our school is continuing to grow each year progressively, the last few years have been challenging yet rewarding. Our biggest challenge therefore, as a school is maintaining quality and high standards in the face of constantly evolving educational scenario.
.... Well, as principal I welcome you to the Pyramid Global School experience…. 'Where SUCCESS is a way of life".

Our Goals & Vision

Our vision is clear and simply stated . . . “Supporting parents who are the most important teacher in their children's lives” By holding this statement as our vision, we empower children through strong academic curriculum in a safe, fun, interactive and nurturing environment preparing children for their and the worlds future.

  • All students will be successful learners.
  • All students will be afforded high standards and high expectations with all academics.
  • All students will be afforded high standards and high expectations with all academics.
  • To Teach the basic skills in reading, writing, speech and problem solving.
  • Develop higher level thinking skills through learning experiences and classroom activities in language/ literature/ science.
  • Help students to learn to express themselves creatively and appreciate the fine arts throughout their lives.
  • Teach skills and attitudes which encourages proper all round development
  • Assist students in understanding and appreciating their own heritage, as well as people of different cultural and social groups.